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Megberry Health Group is a fast growing UK-based consumer healthcare platform operating internationally.


Megberry develops and wholesale markets a portfolio of own premium brands in the health, nutrition and otc sector, with a single purpose: To bring accessible and affordable health solutions to every person on earth, by developing a systematic platform of regulatory framework and supply chain management for the ease of access of UK brands to the global market.

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Providing consumers with the best health choices delivered through a culture of innovation & empowerment.

We always strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and consumers by producing and acquiring brands that is, Sustainable, Convenient and healthy and generates Pleasure in its different moments of consumption.


Global distribution 

Utilizing a network of wholesale distributors in many countries across the globe

Export Markets

Increasing leadership in

key Emerging Markets

Extensive product portfolio comprising large basket of

Products range

Robust products pipeline for high-growth emerging markets

Opportunities to leverage market presence to cross-sell products range

6 +

A Global Brand Leader, and a leading market player in 6+ countries

380,000,000 +

Serving a total consumer population of more then
380+ million 

46,900 +

Reaching to 46,900+ pharmacies and wholesale outlets globally

Redefining what's possible

Mother and Daughter


We develop unique health solutions that offer effective help to millions of people globally, thanks to deep understanding of people’s needs and the spirit of innovatio


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